Air Bubble Envelope

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What is an Air Bubble Envelope?

Envelope is a widely used packaging tool today. Envelopes are used to send letters or documents by mail. Envelopes, which differ in shape according to the purpose of use, are one of the means of transport in which goods can be put.

There are envelopes on the market that are made to prevent damage during transportation. This type of envelope is called an air bubble envelope. An air bubble envelope consists of a bubble wrap inside a shipping envelope. Bubble packaging is highly resistant to shock and static buildup. Thus, it protects the object inside the envelope from possible damage during transportation.

Bubble envelopes, which are resistant to tearing and bending easily, prevent your product from being damaged, especially in places where care is not taken during transportation, such as cargo. The mouth is easily closed thanks to the silicone adhesive on the lid. Its mouth will not be opened during transportation and your product will not be damaged. In addition, air bubbles placed in the middle of the envelope make it easier to put the product inside the envelope.

The outer structure of the bubble envelope, as well as its inner structure, is resistant to hard impacts. These envelopes are made of paper called kraft. Kraft is formed by combining wood chips with sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide chemicals. Thanks to high-quality kraft paper, which is a tear-resistant form of paper, this type of envelope is very durable.

For What Purposes Is Air Bubble Envelope Used?

Air bubble envelopes have an extremely durable exterior and interior cushioning for sturdy packaging. Thanks to these features, it makes it easier for the items to be sent in the envelope to be transported without being damaged.

With extra padding than other envelopes, these envelopes are the perfect choice for sending sturdy items. Bubble envelopes; Suitable for use on books, CDs and DVDs, jewellery, small electronics, certain automotive parts and plaque style items.

If you're looking for a safe and efficient way to ship your fragile and fragile items undamaged, air bubble envelopes are the perfect option for you. Their slim profile and extremely durable make them ideal for shipping small items that may break in transit.

When it comes to sending a sensitive and fragile product by cargo vehicle, you can be sure that the product reaches the other side safely, thanks to these envelopes.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Air Bubble Envelope?

Air bubble envelopes; In line with the many opportunities it provides, it is seen everywhere today. Proving to be one of the leading choices of smart packaging options, bubble-filled envelopes benefit us in many ways.

  • Suitability: Bubble envelopes are produced for all kinds of product sizes. Air bubble envelopes, which have various sizes, can even carry electronic devices such as phones and tablets. Thanks to its durability, you can carry your valuables with the help of such envelopes.
  • Weather Resistance: Unlike ordinary envelopes or paper filled envelopes, bubble filled envelopes are completely weatherproof. While water or moisture can damage the paper, this type of envelope is durable because it is made of foam-filled plastic. In this way, an air bubble envelope is most suitable for you to carry things in rainy weather.
  • Space Saving: In addition to being cheaper and providing better protection, air bubble envelopes are much more compact than traditional paper envelopes. You can easily store it in any drawer or even a bag when not in use.
  • Environmental Impact: With the increase of global warming and environmental degradation, many people choose and attach importance to environmentally friendly products. Air bubble envelopes do not harm the nature thanks to their recyclable structure.

In addition, bubble-filled envelopes can be opened and resealed multiple times. This envelope packaging can be easily reused as it is sturdy enough to be used over and over again.

Air bubble envelopes are made with over 30% recycled content.

Which Industries May Need Air Bubble Envelopes?

The air bubble envelope is very protective thanks to the bubble structure inside. bubble padding inside the envelope; It provides a strong layer of protection as it prevents damage from shock, vibration and misuse. The padding also prevents the object from swinging inside the envelope by absorbing and cushioning any impact. Thus, the object placed in the envelope is not damaged.

Envelopes are indispensable in the business world in general. These envelopes, which we usually use by putting paper, have a wide range of uses. These durable bubble envelopes are used in many sectors, especially the banking and cargo sector. Air bubble envelopes, which are produced in a variety of ways for all kinds of products, from rings to shoes, appear in every sector.

What is Air Bubble Envelope Size?

Air bubble envelopes are produced in different sizes in line with their intended use. This type of envelope; It has various sizes such as A3 paper size, A4 paper size, A5 paper size and A7 paper size. These envelopes can accommodate all kinds of things thanks to their different sizes. E.g; A5 size envelopes are used for cell phones, cell phone cases and CDs.

A7 size envelopes, on the other hand, are much smaller. It is suitable for smaller objects such as earrings and jewellery. A3 size envelope is usually used to carry clothes and even shoes.