What is a Cardboard Bag?

Karton Çanta Nedir ?

It is an advertising and promotional tool with a wide design area, produced in different sizes, produced from thick cardboard for transportation purposes.

Cardboard Bags, cardboard bags, which are generally preferred vertical or horizontal by companies, can be produced in different shapes upon request. Cardboard bags, which are generally used in sectors such as jewelers, gift shops, clothing, cosmetics, watches, fairs and promotions, are among the advertising tools of companies due to the fact that they have company information on them.

What should be in a cardboard bag and what should be in it?
Cardboard bags are produced with special designs according to the sector to be used. Cardboard bags should be considered as outdoor advertising tools and designs should be prepared accordingly. A short, clear and open design should be used in advertising products with instant visibility. The dimensions of the cardboard bag should be chosen well according to the product to be used, the weight of the product to be placed in the bag should be calculated and the product choice should be made accordingly. The type and shape of the carrying handles of the cardboard bag should be determined correctly according to the carrying capacity of the bag.

What are the Types of Cardboard Bags?

Cardboard bags are classified according to their size. Although the general usage dimensions are the following dimensions, special cardboard bags can be produced in different sizes.
11.4×15.3 cm Bellows: 5 cm Printed Cardboard Bag
17×27 cm Bellows: 7 cm Printed Cardboard Bag
19.1×24 cm Bellows: 9.5 cm Printed Cardboard Bag
26×38 cm Bellows: 8 cm Printed Cardboard Bag
55×38 cm Bellows: 12 cm Printed Cardboard Bag
According to the paper type, it is classified as follows in the production of cardboard bags.
American bristol cardboard bag, kraft cardboard bag(recycled cardboard bag); Coated cardboard bag;
Chroma Cardboard Bag

Types of Cardboard Used in Cardboard Bags

American bristol cardboard; The most preferred cardboard type by companies in cardboard bags is American bristol. It is a type of cardboard that is matte on one side and glossy on the other. They are also preferred by printing houses because of their hardness and white front and back sides.

Recycled kraft paperboard; It is a type of gray colored cardboard obtained by recycling, low in cost.

Coated cardboard; It is a type of cardboard that is divided into 2 types as matte and glossy.

Chroma cartons; It is the lowest cost and most affordable cardboard type. The cost is very low due to the fact that the printing surface is white and the inside part is gray.

Cardboard bags, which are used extensively by prestigious companies, not only allow the company to advertise free of charge, but also enable their customers to carry their products in luxury cardboard bags instead of bags. These bags, which have been kept by women for many years, are seen as a souvenir for some and a symbol of luxury for others. Cardboard bags are more expensive than bags. When bags are mixed with nature, they do not disappear for many years and can continue to exist under the ground for more than 1000 years.

Instead of polluting bags, using environmentally friendly paper bags that can be recycled and made from waste paper is very beneficial in terms of environmental cleaning. Paper bags are not mass-produced by 100% machine, they are produced by 50% machine and 50% manpower. The logo of the company and the products it sells are placed on the cardboard bags. The paper used in cardboard bags varies from bag to bag. The fact that the received paper bag is made of thick paper increases the quality of the bag. American Bristol type papers are very suitable for making paper bags and the weight of the bag made with this paper is 230 grams.

Plastic bags do not attract attention in shopping stores because 98% of nylon bags are used in the shopping sector in our country. Big brands generally use paper bags in their stores, so they give the image of being different from others in the market to their customers. Cardboard bags have certain standards. E.g; Although it has various sizes, it is regulated according to certain standards and the type of paper used may differ according to the size.