Cardboard (With Frame) Boxes

Mukavva (Taslamalı) Kutular

Cardboard (With Frame) Box, cardboard boxes are the product model with the hardest structure and the most durability in this group. The fact that it is preferred frequently is that you have the opportunity to choose many types of paper and cardboard. It is possible to observe the cardboard box in product groups such as jewellery, jewelry, watches and accessories. Bristol, Coated, dark and white Kraft, Fancy paper, Triplex cardboard are some of these paper options.

These box models, which are needed by almost all sectors, are manufactured by the printing house. The pieces are arranged with the suggestions of the printing house you will meet. If you convey the usage area, it is determined which box is suitable for your and your sector's usage area and its production is ensured.

You can contact Gamgam Packaging for technical information, price and alternatives for the box type, model, usage area you need.