What is a Gift Envelope?

Shopping is indispensable for people. A lot of shopping is done both for food and hygiene and for clothes or household goods. We know that needs are met only in this way. Apart from personal needs, sometimes we buy gifts for our loved ones. When it comes to gifts, gift packages come to mind. With some packages such as envelope gift box, we have the opportunity to present the gifts we receive in a more cute way.

Envelope gift box types designed with colored papers or silvery cartons make the gifts look more beautiful. Regardless of the product we receive, we attach greater meaning to these gifts with the packages we cover them with. It is only possible to achieve this with colorful envelope gift box types.

What is an Envelope Gift Box?

Special occasions are celebrated with some special gifts. The gifts received must be wrapped in a magnificent package. Envelope gift box does exactly this job. Gifts received on special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day are crowned with envelope gift box types. These boxes are used for packaging small accessories or jewelry. A perfect gift profile is created with colorful and patterned varieties. We can bring our loved ones to great happiness with small things with such envelope gift box types.

Printed Envelope Gift Box

Gifts are precious items given to special people for important occasions. In addition to the value of these items themselves, the packages in which they are presented are also important. Gift packages and their types are of great importance at this point. There are some envelope gift box types, both colored and printed. It is possible to list the types as follows;

  • Envelope-shaped boxes with Christmas print
  • Birthday printed package types
  • Special gift packages for children
  • Valentine's themed envelope boxes
  • Special gift boxes for Mother's Day
  • Anniversary themed gift box assortment
  • Teacher's day printed gift boxes
  • Design envelope packages for holiday gifts

In this way, envelope gift box types can be listed. Apart from these, envelope gift boxes are also produced with personalized designs. It is possible to make your loved ones happier with boxes in the color and design you like.

Envelope Gift Box Dimensions

On special occasions, people buy some gifts for their loved ones. The packaging of these gifts is more important. Gift packages are an important detail that increases the surprise and excitement of the gift received. This detail becomes more beautiful with package types such as envelope gift box. According to the size of the gift received, the size of the envelope gift box also varies. It is possible to list these dimensions as follows;

  • Small size gift boxes for small accessories
  • Medium-sized envelope gift box for medium-sized toys
  • Types of oversized envelope boxes for large items
  • Mega-sized packages for clothes and similar gifts
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